Costs & Value


Many people who consider taking financial advice are put off by the cost

The whole point of taking financial advice is to get back more than you put in and therefore using the service of an adviser is a type of investment into your future.

The value that comes from financial advice may take numerous different forms which include:

Future security

Ensuring you will have enough income to last you the rest of your life

Avoiding mistakes

Reducing the risk of making financial decisions you regret, or falling victim to fraud

Return on investment

Getting back more money than you invested, including the cost of the advice

Peace of mind

Knowing you have made the best practical choices and obtained the best deals the market has to offer you

We are very confident that the collective value of these benefits will far exceed our fees.

We like to keep our charges simple

Discovery Meeting

Your first meeting is an initial, no-obligation discussion about your needs and how we might help you. It’s an opportunity for you to understand more about us and how we can add value.

This meeting is free of charge so that you can decide if you’d like to work with us. We are used to meeting with clients acting under a power of attorney, and are happy to meet with any family members you would like to be present.

We will not start any work until you have agreed terms and it is important to us that you never feel hurried into making life-changing decisions.

Our Fees

Once we have agreed the scope of the work to be carried out we will agree an initial advice fee for preparing your financial plan of between £695 and £2,500 depending on the complexity of your circumstances. This fee is not linked to the sale of any financial products so you can be sure the advice is completely unbiased and genuinely in your best interests.

If any new financial products need to be implemented as a result of the financial planning we will charge an additional implementation fee equivalent to 1% of the amount invested. For example if you invested £150,000 we would charge you an additional £1,500 on top of the initial advice fee.

Ongoing Services

It is not compulsory to take our ongoing service, however if you want to be confident you will never run out of money during your lifetime it is really important that your financial plan is regularly reviewed.

Think of how your own personal circumstances have changed over the last 5 to 10 years. During that time it is likely your income and expenses will be different. You will probably have developed different interests and your family situation could have changed. Also think about how the cost of goods have increased with inflation. You might not have realised but in 1998 the average price of a loaf of bread was 51p, today it costs £1.05. Inflation can have a significant impact on how long your money will last.

Our ongoing fee for our forward planning and review service is based on a percentage of the assets we manage for you and is 1% per annum. For example, if the value of your assets is £150,000 we would charge you £1,500 per year for these services.

We don’t charge for the value of directly held assets like property or bank and building society accounts.

Our fees are typically taken from the cash funds in the investment and pension plans you have but they can be paid by invoice or standing order if you would prefer.