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Asterisk How do we plan for retirement?
02/11/2018 clearwater_admin in Retirement

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Asterisk Thought of the month…..
08/10/2018 clearwater_admin in Retirement

We all need our cars to get us from A to B safely, hopefully without any breakdowns along the way. We plan our route, fill up with fuel and for safety we strap on our seatbelt.

As cars are seen as a necessity we pay all the expenses to keep them running such as tax, insurance, MOT, fuel and servicing without question.

But what about our pensions vehicles? Are they not also a necessity? Do they not deserve the same care and attention?

Maybe it’s time we give our finances a service and an MOT to make sure everything is in working order? Why be one of those people who leave things to chance and just hope that everything will be OK?

Surely it’s better to know in advance whether our retirement plans are achievable, especially whilst we are still working so we can do something about it before it’s too late!

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